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Diana S. Rice 



Diana is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who returned to full-time therapy practice in 2018 after a stint in the film industry. Now dedicated to her private practice, Through the Valley Therapy, she serves adults across Florida with a focus on holistic mental and spiritual health. Outside of her professional work, Diana channels her creativity into poetry and digital art, using these mediums to express her emotions and thoughts. Her artistic style draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo, who used her own image to convey deep emotional narratives. Diana is also a devoted mother of four and a loving "Lita" (abuelita) to five grandchildren. She resides in South Florida with her husband, Jim. Her heartfelt projects, such as "Wrath to Riches, Justice to Gems," and "Anima Resuscitation," are intended to spark deep creative mental and spiritual health conversations. In a commitment to her community, Diana donates twenty-five percent of the proceeds from her books to support mental health care for at-risk teens and to aid her therapy practice, Through the Valley Therapy.

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Wrath to Riches, Justice to Gems
An Apocalyptic Poetic Journey Inspired by Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation
Amid the Covid19 Pandemic 

Wrath to Riches, Justice to Gems, Diana S. Rice, Poetry, End Times, Apocalyptic, Covid19,

Anima Resuscitation

A Brown American Girl’s Spiritual Poetic Journey Through Social Injustice,

Forced Vaccination, and Feminine Uprising

Amid the CoVid19 Pandemic

Anima Resuscitation ,Diana S. Rice, CoVid19, Poetry, BIPOC, USA, Cultural Politics
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Beautiful Cedar

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